Dr. Fromberg teaching Hormones & Chakras, at The Class by Taryn Toomey Studio, Tribeca, NYC, 2017

Dr. Fromberg teaching Hormones & Chakras, at The Class by Taryn Toomey Studio, Tribeca, NYC, 2017

Dr. Eden Fromberg

Dr. Eden Fromberg

Robin Lim and Dr. Eden Fromberg

Robin Lim and Dr. Eden Fromberg

Tom Myers and Dr Eden Fromberg

Tom Myers and Dr Eden Fromberg

Dr. Eden Fromberg

Dr. Eden Fromberg






with Dr. Eden Fromberg

Holistic gynecology, female osteopathic medicine, somatic movement, yoga therapy, dance, physiologic childbirth

For manual and movement therapists, physical therapists, doulas, midwives, doctors, chiropractors, health professionals, mothers, dancers, yoga teachers, mothers, fitness professionals, and any body with a deep interest

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Rejuvenating the Female Ecosystem: Somatic Process as Healing Process, with Dr. Eden Fromberg

Epigenetic research reveals that 80% of our gene expressions are influenced by the quality of our interactions with our inner and outer environments - nutrition, lifestyle, movement, mindset, and emotions. How you perceive and calibrate alignment, effort, relationships to gravity, emotional qualities, expression, and presence in time and space can either exhaust or revitalize the essence of your being, influencing everything from the structure of your DNA to the framework of your life. Develop essential resources to nourish and more fully inhabit and innovate your own internal environment via biointelligent movement and yoga practices integrating movement, sound, breath, energy, and awareness spanning physical, emotional, and spiritual landscapes. Sound and breath transcend culture and dissolve the inhibitors in the body's resonant connective tissue and fluid systems to awake ancient wisdom encoded in our neurology, cells, and DNA. Enjoy a fresh lens of awareness and expanded internal landscape in which to cultivate hormonal and spiritual balance, renewal, rejuvenation, healing, fertility, creativity and well-being.

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EAT, PRAY, SUTURE: Advanced Midwifery and Obstetrical Skills, The Sacred, Scientific, Sustainable Approach to the Integrative and Culturally Sensitive, Judicious Use of Technology and Hands-On Interventions in Childbirth in All Settings, Co-Taught by Dr. Eden Fromberg with Midwife/Ibu Robin Lim, CNN Hero of the Year 2011, at Yayasan Bumi Sehat Klinik, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

There is a science behind everything that is sacred and which has intuitively and empirically sustained us throughout the generations of our mothers and ancient grandmothers. We will touch and contemplate these sacred truths in the context of modern obstetrical and midwifery science and practice in various clinical settings to deepen our wisdom for our professional development and for the benefit of our communities. Dr. Eden Fromberg, a holistic, midwifery-supportive, Board Certified holistic OB/GYN and osteopathic pelvic floor specialist in private practice, teaches expert suturing up to the complete repair of fourth degree tears and unusual lacerations to midwifery and medical students and OB/GYN residents. She has been a Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at State University of New York Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn, Downstate College of Medicine, was a textile artist during medical school, and integrates European visceral and urogenital manual therapy techniques with vaginal microbiome restoration, botanical and nutritional therapies, bioidentical hormones, and the expert surgical and injection therapy revision of poorly healed childbirth tears, episiotomies and pelvic floor injuries. She is also a somatic movement and yoga clinical researcher and Founding Member of the Fascia Research Society who owned a NYC yoga and prenatal studio for over 13 years. She partners with her long time best friend and internationally renowned “guerrilla midwife” and author, Ibu Robin Lim, CNN Hero of the Year 2011, and Yayasan Bumi Sehat, Healthy Mother Earth Foundation and sustainable childbirth klinik in the cultural hub of Bali, Ubud, providing gentle, physiologic and culturally sensitive childbirth services in marginalized communities and disaster zones in Bali and beyond.

The course will cover:

Suturing and knot tying skills; hand and instrument ties; simple, locked, running, interrupted, baseball, subcuticular, and imbricating suture techniques; backhanded needle holder use; left handed instrument removal; basic and complex layered repairs; restoring perineal structure and integrity; anchor stitch; deep stitch techniques; crown stitch techniques; minimizing and treating inflammatory and granulation reactions; fine suturing for labial and periurethral tears; techniques for accessing cervical tears; vaginal sulcus tears; jagged tears; working with difficult tissues; selecting and working with various suture materials; working with various practice and tissue mediums; honey, seaweed, and botanicals; HPV; neoplasms; labial and anal hemorrhoids; opportunities for extensive hands-on instruction and practice with models; additional clinical observation and practicum.

Clinical vaginal microbiology; microbiome restoration science and techniques; microbial seeding techniques to restore the vaginal microbiome to the newborn in the case of cesarean birth and/or antibiotics in labor; fecal microbiota transplantation: detailed instruction and practicum in this life saving technique to restore the intestinal microbiome and save lives in the case of antibiotics, superbugs such as C. Difficile, inflammatory bowel disease, and autoimmunity. Risks, benefits, complications, controversies, alternatives, donor selection criteria and testing, and other considerations.

Basic training in visceral manipulation techniques for pelvic health.

Vaginal/yoni steaming techniques, relevant anatomy, physiology, connective tissue biology, energetics, herbology, technique, safety, hygiene.

Jade egg, vaginal dilators, pessaries. 

External cephalic version, acupressure, yoga, and osteopathic manual therapy techniques for turning breech and other so-called obstetrical malpresentations to cephalic.

Manual therapy and psoas release techniques plus botanicals and somatic yoga for natural labor ‘induction.”

Delayed cord cutting, cord burning, lotus birth, and the alternative management of the third stage of labor with practicum.

Manual placental extraction. Indications, risks, benefits, complications, alternatives.

Discussion of male circumcision, female genital mutilation, and controversies involving restoration of structure and function.

Research on the coupling of the maternal/fetal adrenal glands and the consequences and research regarding the consequences of disrupting this essential connection, transforming the hormone of love and attachment, oxytocin, into the hormone of stress, cortisol.

Restoration of pelvic floor and core: manual and movement therapies; understanding the healing process, autoimmunity, postpartum recovery, long term health, and trauma recovery through the lens of fascia research, connective tissue biology, polyvagal theory, adverse childhood events, prenatal exposures, stress, embryology, and meridian systems.

All students will receive a free copy of Placenta: The Forgotten Chakra, by Midwife/Ibu Robin Lim (Dr. Eden contributed), and a comprehensive course manual.

2018: Dr. Eden Fromberg taught several courses at the Midwifery Today conference in Mount Laurel, NJ https://midwiferytoday.com/conferences/new-jersey-conference-2018/nj-conference-2018-program/

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Hormones & Chakras at The Class by Taryn Toomey Studio, March, 2017


The magic square, an alignment system rooted in Chinese and Indian numerology and geometry, is a recapitulation of the structural embryological blueprint contained within our double helix of DNA, and the body is constructed in a series of similarly shaped asymmetrically arranged spirals. As we move through life outside the womb, our responses to the world shape our bodies and emotions, and we hold tensions and memories in our tissues and organs as we literally spiral out of ourselves. The magic square represents an opportunity to consciously explore the primitive gestures that shape our lives in a highly structured context, bridging the spiritual and physical landscapes of the body in a magical dialogue of embodiment. Through pattern, repetition, imagination, breath, sound, and movement, learn to use the magic square to inform, enliven, and nourish your being.


Deepen awareness and connection

Activate the healing process

Embody your creative potential

Become inspired by your own life

Biointelligence is the inner wisdom contained within the intricate ecosystem that is your body, including and encompassing the cells, DNA, connective tissue, hormones, fluid, neurology, and every organ, gland, gene, corpuscle and fiber of your being. This inner wisdom is meticulously and intensively calibrating every aspect of your functioning and movement, voluntary and involuntary, conscious and unconscious. When you are optimally interconnected and energized, you look on the bright side, you feel inspired, and you are able to respond resiliently to insults and injuries. Yet this becomes elusive in a world that does not honor your deep intuition and awareness, your innate desire to care for yourself and live in coherence and wholeness. We live in an industrialized, technologically overwhelming culture that profits from distracting us from our true natures, and usurps the power and energy that would otherwise nourish our imagination, creativity, curiosity, and fulfillment in the world and our lives. Unplug from the relentless overwhelm, reach behind the stories that keep you awake at night, unravel the thicket of old and new stresses, scars and traumas that inhibit the free expression of who you know you really can be, and learn techniques and practices that can forever enhance your life. Your guide and mentor will be Dr. Eden Fromberg, an innovative, holistic OB/GYN, yoga therapist, somatic movement educator, and visceral organ and connective tissue specialist practicing in the osteopathic medicine tradition that pioneered the concept of wellness, and the essential idea that the structure, alignment and movement of the body are vital to support the function of the organs and glands, emotions, and expressive potential. Our structures  - our bodies, our genomes, our microbiomes, our fascia, our DNA - are responsive to our environments, our diets, our emotions, our thoughts, our relationships, our memories. Scientific research confirms this, and we are quickly emerging from a paradigm that treats the body as mechanical and does not acknowledge and support the expression of the biointelligent wisdom within. Our bodies are vast and intricate physiological and emotional landscapes holding our memories, fears, hopes, and dreams. Dropping the consciousness deeply down to the level of the organs and the bones via exploring relationships with gravity and nourishment gives us the opportunity to slow down our lives and cultivate what is called "proprioceptive inner awareness." This awareness informs us of where we are in time and space and navigates the edge between physical and emotional experience and expression where healing and creativity can emerge. When we are overwhelmed and holding it together, we are anxious and lack clear boundaries. When we are grounded and buoyant, we are stable and secure. Discover universal and personal therapeutic formulas incorporating movement, sound, breath, energy, and awareness that navigate the time-space continuum of your own life, and become joyful and inspired by your body's imagination, curiosity, and deep inner intelligence.