Dr. Eden Fromberg

Dr. Eden Fromberg

Robin Lim and Dr. Eden Fromberg

Robin Lim and Dr. Eden Fromberg

Tom Myers and Dr Eden Fromberg

Tom Myers and Dr Eden Fromberg

Dr. Eden Fromberg

Dr. Eden Fromberg





with Dr. Eden Fromberg

Holistic gynecology, female osteopathic medicine, somatic movement, yoga therapy, dance


For manual and movement therapists, physical therapists, doulas, midwives, doctors, chiropractors, health professionals, mothers, dancers, yoga teachers, mothers, fitness professionals, and any body with a deep interest

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The Female Pelvis and the Cycles of Life Professional Course (with Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains)


Upcoming: Just Announced! October 14-15, 2017

2016 Course Links:


Sustainable Childbirth (with CNN Hero of the Year 2011 midwife Robin Lim)


2016 Course Link:


The Interconnected Wisdom of Physiologic Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth


Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy, Labor & Birth: Interconnected Wisdom (module of Ma Yoga NYC Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training)

2016 Course Link:


Prenatal Yoga Module in Yoga Teacher Trainings


December 10, 2017: Five Pillars Yoga Teacher Training


Anatomy Module in Yoga Teacher Training


Pose Modules in Yoga Teacher Trainings

Fertility Yoga Teacher Training

Biointelligent Women’s Healing Yoga Teacher Training

Anatomy, Fascia, and Meridian Movement for Yoga Teacher Trainings





Titles and Themes:


The Female Pelvis and the Cycles of Life Experiential Workshop

Women's Healing Yoga

Biointelligent Yoga

Hormones & Chakras

Resonant Origami & Pranayama

Fluid Vinyasa & Meditation/Water Salutations & Moving Meditation

Moon Salutations

Fluid Movement & Bioresonance

Kundalini Kriya

Magic Square Yoga: Mapping the Emotional Landscape/Cosmic Pinball Games

Organic Yoga

Bioresonant Yoga

The Movement of Continuum

Movement, Ground & Bones: Cultivating Deep Nourishment

Nourishing the Organs

Returning To The Womb: Recapitulating the Embryo

Deconstructing Asana

Fertile Yoga

Singing, Chanting, Sounding, Moving

Embodied Writing

Women’s Healing Process Retreat

Bali Retreat

Hudson Valley Retreat

Full Moon Retreat

Lunar Healing Retreat

Sacred Expression Retreat

3 hour
Full day or weekend

3-5 day retreat

1-2 week retreat

Monthly weekend workshops
Seasonal gatherings and retreats


Sample Descriptions for Women’s Experiential Workshops:



Deepen awareness and connection

Activate the healing process

Embody your creative potential

Become inspired by your own life


Your body is an interconnected ecosystem, and you can participate in your own well being. Epigenetic research reveals that 80% of our gene expressions can be switched on or off, influenced by the quality of our interactions with our inner and outer environments - nutrition, lifestyle, movement, mindset, and emotions. How you perceive and calibrate alignment, effort, relationships to gravity, emotional qualities, expression, and presence in time and space can either exhaust or revitalize the essence of your being, influencing everything from the structure of your DNA to the framework of your life. Develop essential resources to nourish and more fully inhabit and innovate your own internal environment via biointelligent movement and yoga practices integrating movement, sound, breath, energy, and awareness spanning physical, emotional, and spiritual landscapes. Sound and breath transcend culture and dissolve the inhibitors in the body's resonant connective tissue and fluid systems to awaken ancient wisdom encoded in our neurology, cells, and DNA. Cultivate a fresh lens of awareness and expanded internal landscape, opening portals to hormonal & spiritual balance, renewal, rejuvenation, healing, fertility, creativity and well being.



Hormones & Chakras


“I would not be surprised if hormones were someday discovered to be the bridge between matter and spirit.” Midwife Robin Lim, CNN Hero of the Year, 2011

Hormones are literally the lens through which we experience life. PMS, irregular cycles, painful periods, and everything from PCOS to endometriosis, fibroids, and fertility are influenced by hormones. Explore the chakra system, the energetic template of our female hormonal wisdom, and discover the biological basis of our sacred anatomy and physiology. Stress literally gets stuck in our physiological and emotional landscapes, lowering our energy, inhibiting our creativity, and irritating our relationships. Engage in detoxifying sequences to flush glands and organs, tuning, recalibrating, and enlivening the endocrine system.


Fluid Vinyasa/Water Salutations


Engage in detoxifying sequences to flush glands and organs, tuning and recalibrating the hormonal, immune, and nervous systems our bodies require to thrive. Resilient orientation in time and space is achieved via folding, fluid, and undulating sequences including water salutations, twists, arcs, and spirals


Lunar Vinyasa/Moon Salutations


Pattern and repetition create rhythm, each flowing vinyasa orbit exploring the fullness of the moon, and its pull on the tides of our bodies as we turn inward to reflect the embryonic seed of our full potential, and rise again.


Returning to the Womb: Recapitulating the Embryo


Activating the Healing Process

Fertility Yoga

Bioresonant Yoga

The landscape of the body is reflected in the vastness of connective tissue, sensitive neurology, and the intricacies between. It is felt as reaches, turns, and thrusts. It is rooted deeply through feet and core, and arises buoyantly from the curves of the feet, to the curves of the pelvis, to the arches of the diaphragm, and within the skull that houses the delicate neuroendocrine tissue that calibrates both the unconscious and higher consciousness. How we feel, our deepest desires, our relationships with others, our wisdom, our fears, our fertile imaginations, our vitality, resonate within a delicate framework that requires protection yet longs to express itself wildly. The shell of our outer body cradles these delicate survival tissues, nourishes, and vigilantly protects them. Accelerated living amplifies stress, leaving a residue that deepens to become inflammation and toxicity in the body. Adequate undisturbed time for restoration and rejuvenation of tissues is elusive. The myth of the modern world is that technology and convenience have somehow liberated us from the chaos and disease of nature, but our bodies long for interaction with living nature, the elements, and gravity. Reconnect with the essence of your organic expression to reinvigorate your creative potential, heal deeply and become reinspired by your own life by engaging in the sacred origami of returning to the womb, to reemerge.


Magic Square Yoga & Pranayama


Mapping the Emotional Landscape

Cosmic Pinball Games

The magic square, an alignment system rooted in Chinese and Indian numerology and geometry, is a recapitulation of the structural embryological blueprint contained within our double helix of DNA, and the body is constructed in a series of similarly shaped asymmetrically arranged spirals. As we move through life outside the womb, our responses to the world shape our bodies and emotions, and we hold tensions and memories in our tissues and organs as we literally spiral out of ourselves. The magic square represents an opportunity to consciously explore the primitive gestures that shape our lives in a highly structured context, bridging the spiritual and physical landscapes of the body in a magical dialogue of embodiment. Through pattern, repetition, imagination, breath, sound, and movement, learn to use the magic square to inform, enliven, and nourish your being.




Deepen awareness and connection

Activate the healing process

Embody your creative potential

Become inspired by your own life


Biointelligence is the inner wisdom contained within the intricate ecosystem that is your body, including and encompassing the cells, DNA, connective tissue, hormones, fluid, neurology, and every organ, gland, gene, corpuscle and fiber of your being. This inner wisdom is meticulously and intensively calibrating every aspect of your functioning and movement, voluntary and involuntary, conscious and unconscious. When you are optimally interconnected and energized, you look on the bright side, you feel inspired, and you are able to respond resiliently to insults and injuries. Yet this becomes elusive in a world that does not honor your deep intuition and awareness, your innate desire to care for yourself and live in coherence and wholeness. We live in an industrialized, technologically overwhelming culture that profits from distracting us from our true natures, and usurps the power and energy that would otherwise nourish our imagination, creativity, curiosity, and fulfillment in the world and our lives. Unplug from the relentless overwhelm, reach behind the stories that keep you awake at night, unravel the thicket of old and new stresses, scars and traumas that inhibit the free expression of who you know you really can be, and learn techniques and practices that can forever enhance your life. Your guide and mentor will be Dr. Eden Fromberg, an innovative, holistic OB/GYN, yoga therapist, somatic movement educator, and visceral organ and connective tissue specialist practicing in the osteopathic medicine tradition that pioneered the concept of wellness, and the essential idea that the structure, alignment and movement of the body are vital to support the function of the organs and glands, emotions, and expressive potential. Our structures  - our bodies, our genomes, our microbiomes, our fascia, our DNA - are responsive to our environments, our diets, our emotions, our thoughts, our relationships, our memories. Scientific research confirms this, and we are quickly emerging from a paradigm that treats the body as mechanical and does not acknowledge and support the expression of the biointelligent wisdom within. Our bodies are vast and intricate physiological and emotional landscapes holding our memories, fears, hopes, and dreams. Dropping the consciousness deeply down to the level of the organs and the bones via exploring relationships with gravity and nourishment gives us the opportunity to slow down our lives and cultivate what is called "proprioceptive inner awareness." This awareness informs us of where we are in time and space and navigates the edge between physical and emotional experience and expression where healing and creativity can emerge. When we are overwhelmed and holding it together, we are anxious and lack clear boundaries. When we are grounded and buoyant, we are stable and secure. Discover universal and personal therapeutic formulas incorporating movement, sound, breath, energy, and awareness that navigate the time-space continuum of your own life, and become joyful and inspired by your body's imagination, curiosity, and deep inner intelligence.



Women for whom movement is challenging...


Supporting and being supported within female group processes in community is an important aspect of healing. Social interconnection has been revealed to be even more important for health and well being than nutrition or exercise, yet women engaging in healing processes or with physical injuries limiting movement are often excluded from faster paced, overstimulating yoga, pilates, and fitness classes and outdoor activities. Women who have an interest in participating who would feel supported by the presence of the group without the pressure to keep up will be given individual explorations and opportunities to rest during any necessary portions of the workshop. Gentle, restorative movement and resting in the energy field of the group without disruption can nourish deeply, create necessary internal space, and support grounding and healing, while interconnection and compassion benefits the group in return.





Dr. Eden Fromberg is the Founder and Director of Holistic Gynecology New York, a sanctuary for truly holistic women's health throughout the life cycle where personalized, innovative care cultivates wellness, activates the healing process, and unravels chronic and complex gynecological, hormonal, painful, structural and autoimmune issues. An osteopathic physician and clinical professor, Board Certified in both OB/GYN and Holistic Medicine, and Founding Member of the Fascia Research Society, Dr. Fromberg also researches, develops, and teaches therapeutic applications of yoga and movement. She is the Founder and Director of Lila Wellness studio in New York City where she produced women's wellness education, yoga, and movement trainings for women and professionals for over 13 years.



As an osteopathic physician, Board Certified in OB/GYN and Holistic Medicine, Dr. Eden Fromberg’s foundation in understanding how the body’s structure affects its function led her to pursue postgraduate advanced studies in manual and movement therapies. Studying yoga since 1983, Eden has extensive training and experience in various yoga styles and methodologies, while developing her own approach. Eden taught yoga on road trips and concert tours during college, and her more intensive studies of yoga began in 1997 when Alex Auder opened the original Hudson Valley Yoga in Tivoli, NY. Eden completed Forrest Yoga teacher training there in 2003 while also studying intensively at the Lafayette Street Jivamukti and with Alison West at her original Broome Street loft, then completing two Advanced Forrest Yoga teacher trainings before discovering Kula Yoga in 2005. With Mia Borgatta, who began to develop the Ma Yoga Prenatal method at Jivamukti, Dr. Fromberg founded Lila Yoga, Dharma & Wellness, a pioneering studio on the Bowery, NYC from 2003-2016. Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trainings are gold standard, and contain Eden’s module on yoga for physiologic pregnancy and childbirth. Eden’s husband, EdiZen Archer, taught meditation at Tibet House during this time, while hosting grassroots Buddhist programs including the Dharma Punx. During this time, Eden taught Prenatal, Anatomy, and Asana modules for several Sankalpah Yoga Teacher Trainings while subbing Isaac Pena’s popular classes at the studio, and presenting teacher trainings and modules at various studios from Washington, D.C to New Haven. Lila Wellness is now a virtual studio hosting women's wellness education and yoga and movement programs and trainings for women and professionals internationally. Among workshops and trainings Dr. Fromberg produced at her studio over the years include her most influential friends, colleagues, and teachers, including Sue Hitzmann of MELT Method, Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up, Glenn Black Yoga & Bodytuning, Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement, NYC’s first Forrest Yoga Teacher Training with Ana Forrest (2005), and Robin Becker of Continuum. Studying closely with Nevine Michaan and Abbie Galvin at Katonah Yoga since the Chelsea studio first opened in 2011, Eden helped Abbie coordinate the Katonah Yoga Bowery studio in an adjacent Bowery loft before closing Lila’s studio space in 2016.



Eden teaches anatomy, physiology, prenatal yoga, fertility and women’s yoga, and biointelligent alignment for yoga and prenatal yoga teacher trainings, and teaches workshops, retreats, and trainings incorporating advanced women's yoga practices and somatic movement education. She is a Continuum Wellsprings practitioner, having studied directly with Emilie Conrad, and is completing a Master's degree in Dance and Somatic Well Being via the University of Central Lancashire, UK and Mary Abrams. In 2016, Eden conceived of and co-teaches the popular, 2-day, professional level course, The Female Pelvis and the Cycles of Life with structural integration pioneer and Anatomy Trains author, Tom Myers. She is a Founding Member of the Fascia Research Society, and connective tissue insights are integral to her holistic medical perspective and healing concepts.



Eden’s personal journey healing autoimmune, structural, arthritic, fatigue, pain, neurological, and microbiome issues in her own body gives her a special appreciation for the challenges that women face when symptoms are overwhelming and healing feels elusive. Her insights into the interconnectedness of the body fundamentally reframe the medical dialogue and offer a spectrum of diagnostic perspectives and holistic treatment options, helping women throughout the life cycle achieve optimal hormonal, pelvic, and personal health. She addresses the complex areas of female pain, pelvic floor and sexual dysfunction from an integrative perspective, and teaches and consults with midwives and birth centers internationally, working intimately with Robin Lim in Bali since 1997, and with Ina May Gaskin. Dr. Fromberg appeared in the film The Business of Being Born, has been on the Medical Review Board and writes for the Huffington Post, and her work has been featured in Time, Mindbody Green, Yoga Journal, BUST, Natural Health, Spirituality & Health, Prevention, and Midwifery Today.